Making the process of forming a new business smooth and reduce the mistakes for you.

Business Formation

a person with the sign board to start the business

Owning and operating your own business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs, but the reality of running a business can quickly squash the initial thrill.

Ensuring that you are well-equipped to manage all aspects of running a business is the key to success, while failure to do so is a recipe for disaster. Our new business formation services will provide you with a strategy that will give you a plan for the future that lays out a long view, providing a methodical approach that protects your dream and avoids the mistakes that many make.

Rather than going through an online platform such as LegalZoom, Tax Strategies Group will provide you with personalized, concierge-level service when setting up your company. We will help you devise an initial gameplan to provide you with an approach to marketing, financial planning, and management. We'll also help you assess your initial capital requirements and sources from which you can get it. We’ll also help you determine how much you'll be qualified to borrow for your business. We’ll look at the different types of business structures, evaluating each in terms of your legal exposure, their tax advantages, and how easily you'll be able to operate to find the one that works best for you. We’ll also help you plan for relocation if necessary.

From a business services perspective, we can help you choose an accounting software package that's appropriate for your needs, including your budget and your hardware, and create a cash flow budget to help you anticipate your needs as you go through your business’ first few years of growth. We’ll help you create a billing system and collection policies and procedures that will facilitate cash flow, and help you create a budget and procedures to help you stick to it. If you plan on operating out of a home office we’ll show you the best way to do so to give you the maximum tax advantage.

So many documents and applications are required to establish a new business, and we’ll help you with all of those, too. We’ll help you in the process of applying for all appropriate state and local permits and licenses, as well as your Federal Employer Identification Number. We’ll assess your business’ insurance needs, and when you hire your first employee we’ll take care of setting up your payroll and payroll tax filing, ensuring that you comply with all employment laws. If your business is a partnership, we’ll help you create a Partnership Agreement that provides all involved with the appropriate protections and anticipates and heads off potential problems in the future.

Please fill out the following form to tell us about your new business venture so we can get the legal entity setup: NEW BUSINESS INTAKE FORM